Osteoform Junior to Launch

January 1, 2007: Dallas, Texas: Pharmco International, Incorporated announced today that it is in the final stages of development for an Osteoform line extention. Osteoform Junior, an oral dissolving bone supplement tabelt desigined specifically for children, is planned to launch in the United States in mid-2007.

“We wanted to come up with a product that is both appealing for children as well as easy to take. Taking a long look at the current market we realized that there is a real need for a product that is easy to take and appeals to children.” Pharmco also added “Current chewables in the market are compressed pretty hard which makes chewing it more difficult for children and requires a fairly developed set of teeth to do so. That coupled with the chalky aftertaste makes taking children’s supplements unappealing. Our new Osteoform Jr. dissolves orally and does not leave a chalky aftertastes and appeals more to children.”

Pharmco also plans to launch Osteoform Junior in other countries starting at the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008.

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