Pharmco to Launch Protein Line in Shanghai

December 1, 2004: Beijing, China: Pharmco International Incorporated announced today that it is planning its launch of the Maxorb Protein Meal Replacement line of products in the Shanghai market during the 1st quarter of 2005.

According to company officials, Pharmco and its regional distribution partner, Shanghai Polar Bioengineering Company, Limited, are in final discussions with Lian Hua Supermarkets. Lian Hua Supermarkets is one of the largest supermarket chains in southern China with more than 300 stores in Shanghai alone. The initial launch is planned for 100 of these stores. The products are scheduled to hit the shelves in early January 2005.

This move by Pharmco is targeted to capture the market’s spend for the Chinese New Year Holiday, a major gift giving season in China. “Shanghai is home to over 16 million people and is one of our must win districts within Mainland China. This combined with the Chinese New Year Season is a perfect opportunity for our company to enter this diverse market,” a company spokesperson states.

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