Osteoform Obtains Approval by Chinese Ministry of Public Health

January 24, 1995: Pharmco International, Incorporated announced today that they have obtained their first prescription drug registration in China. “Osteoform” one of their unique chelated products to help prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density, was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Public Health as a prescription drug within the People’s Republic of China. “Osteoform” contains nine organic chelated minerals that release slowly in the intestines to increase the absorption rate and effectiveness. Other calcium products using general minerals can form insoluble hydroxides, which negatively influence the absorption of these minerals. A side effect of these calcium products include upset stomach, which is in large part due the insoluble hydroxides that form. Osteoform prevents upset stomach from occurring by changing the absorption process. “Osteoform” also vitamin D3 to aid in preventing bone deterioration.

Pharmco will begin distribution of “Osteoform” in late February in the People’s Republic of China. “Osteoform” will launch in the major provinces first with plans to be widely available throughout China by the end of the year. “Osteoform” has been chosen by the Chinese government as the ONLY calcium product to be used for clinical trials in osteoporosis research performed by the Ministry of Public Health, People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Scientific Institute.

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